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How about a tapping game that keeps you busy for endless hours? Would you like to try a game that involves no strategy at all, and still lets you enjoy your time? If yes, then get ready to play the Bitcoin game by Ketchapp. Bitcoin by Ketchapp got released in December 2017, and since then, the developer has left no stone un turned to keep the players engaged in this mindless bundle of joy!

If you are wondering whether this game is available in iOS, or not, here’s the good news for every iPhone owner! Yes, you can download this game from the App Store, let it get installed, and start playing it whenever you want to. The best part of such games is that you will never feel bored. You can take out your mobile phone and start playing Bitcoin by Ketchapp whenever you would want to.

Whenever you feel that there’s nothing else to do and you are too tired to play those mind-boggling game, switch to a simple game that gives you endless hours of fun! Just try Bitcoin by Ketchapp and be prepared to become a fan because this game is super-addictive.

Bitcoin by Ketchapp has been downloaded by over 3000 people so far, which is a pretty good number. This game has scored 4.5 stars in the Play Store, and gamers have left good reviews about this game. If you are interested to know more about Bitcoin by Ketchapp game, then keep reading because we have reviewed this game for you to let you decide better whether Bitcoin by Ketchapp is your cup of tea or not?

Simple graphics

Most of the games available on the App Store and Play store usually come with amazing graphics, and fortunately, Ketchapp has also kept the graphics good enough to make this game look appealing. The game will basically have a black background with yellow coins popping out. The bright yellow coins look fantastic with a dark background. Other than that, there is nothing much happening, which is good because otherwise, you will feel distracted if there are other things flying around too.

The gameplay

You will enjoy the easy game play feature. Once the game is downloaded, you will have your first level, where you will have to acquire some 200 bitcoins. The bitcoins will start popping out on the screen. As soon as you see them start clicking on them to have them. Once you collect the required bitcoins, you will move on to the next level.

That’s what this game is all about. Keep collecting games and keep moving forward, although there is one small catch. The higher the levels, the more coins you will have to acquire. Other than that, you will enjoy the simple game play of Bitcoin by Ketchapp.

How to play the game?

To start playing the game, you will first have to visit either the Play Store or the App Store, depending on your device. Once you locate the game on the Store, click on the download option, and the game will start downloading. Wait for a few more seconds for the game to get installed on your device.

Once done, you will see an icon on your mobile phone; click on that to lunch the game. Now, you can play Bitcoin by Ketchapp as much as you want and for as long as you wish. This game is perfect for those who travel alone and have a lot of free time at hand. You can start playing this game whenever you want to and keep yourself entertained.

There are ads that will increase your pay

Most of the games come with annoying ads, which are mostly good for nothing; however, in this game, the ads that you will see are actually useful. What you can do to increase the score is click on the ads, and the score will multiply. This is the best way to keep earning passively. However, do remember that it is just a bitcoin mining app, and you will not receive any real bitcoins, though. So, don’t think that there will be actual bitcoin mining.

You can use these apps to double your income right after you clear one level, or else whenever you would like to play the game, you can yet again click on the ads, and that will double the entire income that you have earned. Visit the game daily to keep making more rewards.

Tons of level to clear

Bitcoin by Ketchapp comes along with more than 100 levels. Each level that you manifest will make the next level harder. So, let’s say you have started with the first level, the first level needs to be cleared with some 200 bitcoins or so. Once you get them, the next level will move on with 600 bitcoins to win. Just like that, each higher level will need you to gain more and more bitcoins.

Parting words

Bitcoin by Ketchapp for us is a big hit mainly because it gives you a chance to win as many bitcoins as you want, and that will keep you busy for a long time. The game can be played when you are traveling alone, and you have nothing to do. Or else if you are having a sleepless night, you can still play the game to keep you busy.

The game doesn’t include any strategy; it is just a simple tapping game that needs you to tap on the bitcoins that you see and keep earning the bitcoins to level up. The game play is fantastic, and the user-friendly interface is fantastic as well.

There are tons of ads that will let you multiply your income, and we recommend tapping on the ads as well. They are hardly going to be of a few minutes, and in return, you will get to double the coins that you have earned.

Bitcoin by Ketchapp is a great game that will entertain you and also keep you busy.

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